Park to play and think

20/10/2011 22:22
Park to play and think link derived from Playscapes 21/10/11, thanks to Arcady’s follower Ángela León and everyone who helped in the design and construction. Google Chrome can translate the site language from Portuguese to your language of choice. 

I see something like this, the community coming together to design and create a playspace that appears to be loved, well used and respected and I’m reminded of how lucky we are in our so called “1st world countries”.  We routinely take for granted simple things like there actually being space set aside for children to play in. 

 There are a number of myths in life and one of them is entitlement. In Australia it is not that uncommon for councils to build spectacular equipment infested playgrounds only to have them set on fire or destroyed within a few days. One council playground in the suburb in which I live, (Mascot, Sydney)  was destroyed twice in a space of a few weeks. Not having to work for something, not helping to create something means that very little value is attributed to it or consideration given to how it’s destruction may effect others in the community. 

I love the Playscapes blog as it focuses not only on the contemporary, but also the vintage, the alternate, the history and the concept of what play was, is and could be.
Anyone considering designing and constructing their own playspace may draw some inspiration and guidance from the Jim Jolley Tyre Design for the construction of playspaces  a link can be found here
Tess Michaels