Tessa Rose Playspace and Landscape Design specialises in:

  • Natural playspace design for all children’s services including child care centres, preschools, outside school hours care centres, family day care services, school settings and public spaces.
  • Universally accessible design for all playspaces

Design Process

All designs commence with a consultation. This involves a meeting to discuss your outdoor space requirements, ideas, soils, plants and budget and to gain an understanding of the space in its current state. Consultations are generally on-site, however, for services in country regions and/or remote areas, we offer face-to-face consultations via Skype (contact us for details).

Following the consultation you will receive a design brief detailing your design inclusions and a Proposal/Contract for the preparation of the design.


This consists of:

  • The production of a Playspace/Landscape Design Plan that includes all relevant documentation such as site features, drainage and material and plant selection, in accordance with specific Local, State and Federal government requirements.

Landscape Construction Documentation

This includes detail drawings and plans of the following if required:

  • Construction Details
  • Specifications – drainage and all construction and planting specifics
  • Playspace Construction Risk Assessment Management Plan
  • Further Council documentation
  • Lighting Design and Plan
  • Site and Soil analysis reports
  • Planting Plans
  • Tender Packages for Construction Works


Plant Selection

  • What plant goes where
  • Shade tolerant plants
  • Drought tolerant and low maintenance plants
  • Allergy-free plants
  • Tree selection for shade solutions for child care centres

Poisonous Plants Audits and Certification

  • Identification
  • Certification for licensing and accreditation for all children’s services

Outdoor Classrooms

  • Developing areas to be used as outdoor classrooms and school learning programs
  • Organising community building projects



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