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27/01/2013 2:02
You’ll have to excuse me if these next few items aren’t timely. I save them when I see them and rarely have time to post them.  Regardless of when they were written they’re still very pertinent.

A great guide and tool for educators intent on introducing nature and naturalistic learning opportunities to their curriculum. Regardless of where you are the experiences and outcomes are adaptable.

Full article can be read from the link above. 

The Back to Nature Network teacher’s guide, Into Nature, is a unique teachers’ guide that enables the teaching of all Ontario school curriculum subjects outdoors in nature on a regular basis. Content of the guide includes logistics, resources and learning experiences for teaching in nature. All learning experiences are linked to Ontario curriculum documents and include: Nature 101, a series of five phases to move from the indoor classroom to the outdoor learning space; fifty Nature2Go activities; and full lessons that last one class period or more.

Download the English-language version of Into Nature.

Tess Michaels