The Secret Garden – Uijeongbu,South Korea – Olson Kundig Architects

22/08/2015 3:03
OK — Secret Garden

More photos and a complete description of the project can be see through the hyperlink above.

This is a phenomenal project designed and built by exceptionally skilled and perceptive architects in conjunction with a talented artist. I  have previously posted here on the emergence of a trend in inner Sydney to incorporate childcare centres into high density residential and commercial complexes.

Picture property of Olson Kundig architects

The 20,000square foot (6096 metres) is called the Secret Garden and is located on the 9th floor of a department store in Uijeongbu, South Korea. The outcome of this project indicates that the architects were included from the initial stages of design and serious consideration was given to the financial and structural requirements of the project. I say serious because so often such projects are considered adornments to the hardworks and only looked at in terms of residual funds and space, liability and limited or no regard is given to the buildings structural integrity.

Tess Michaels