Texture panels

03/08/2015 6:06
Completed and on their way to their new home these three texture panels are to be mounted in an under two’s playspace. All the panels feature components or have components that have been treated to weather the weather.

The panels feature a variety of timbers, different metal and metallic finishes, 9 imitation and cloth textures, leather, rubber, hessian, brass, ceramics and repurposed plastics. The timber components have been sectioned and sanded so that a child running their hand across an item will feel a gradient of textures from the raw untouched surface through to the wood after it has been finely sanded.

Each panel contains three coloured sorting trays that children and educators can fill with a variety of textured natural components.

The final panel contains a tiny dinosaur locked in a knothole in amber colored perspex. Why? Because I could and everyone loves a surprise.


Tess Michaels