Smartphone on wheels for a fascinating ride in the back seat

17/09/2011 9:09
Smartphone on wheels for a fascinating ride in the back seat

Right that’s it I’m officially flabbergasted.

 First the poor unsuspecting child is assaulted with the Vinci so they can have a winning attitude (something that would have Leonardo spinning in his grave like a dynamo) now they’re assailed in the car by the latest offering from Dr Walz and his team at GEElab.

Apparently the yet to be created system will,”…teach young passengers about their surroundings as they drive along. So can looking out the window and talking to Mummy/Daddy! … It can project an image of a train as the vehicle passes a railway station. Or the child can look out the window and say “train” using his finger to point at the afore-indicated train………It can also become a mobile tour guide or provide a virtual office-like environment, allowing passengers to use the technology as an interactive computer.Thank god junior can complete those quarterly financial projections before you reach Kindy.
”If the car becomes a smartphone on wheels in the future, then what could you do with it? And that raises all kinds of questions, whether the car will exist in the city at all because we’re getting stuck in traffic jams,” Dr Walz said.

WHAT????? Get out of the lab, take a walk in the park, lie on the grass, check out those fascinating white things in the sky. If I can survive a childhood of Slovenian polka music I’m certain Junior can flourish wherever they’re planted.

Tess Michaels