Photos of two new finished 2012 projects.

18/01/2013 2:02
With a busy work schedule I’ve only recently had the chance to get out and take photos of two projects that were finished in late 2012. Both were built by J M Landscapes and I’m told by the centres both new playspaces have been enthusiastically embraced. More photos can be found in Previous Projects.

The first,  MECIS, or the Macarthur Early Childhood Intervention Service in Leumeah is an early childhood intervention program for children from birth to school-entry age with developmental delays and disabilities, and their families. Whilst their playspace is much smaller than most it is no less important.  * Note: MECIS is not bound by the Education and Care Services National Regulations

The design brief for this project was to,
* Remove the fixed play equipment that dominated the playspace and create a natural sensory playspace   
   that provided universal access for children with restricted mobility,
* Provide inclusive, stable, activity venues, of optimal height, that can be utilised for multiple activities for 
   children who may have problems with Sensory Integration (SI). For example the perspex table can be  
   used to extend sand play from the sand pit, ball play or sensory art activities. The music panel can be 
   seeded with traditional and home-made musical instruments, or toys that make sounds, as a means to 
   introduce sound, music and song or to facilitate and augment sensory story telling. 


The second project was the St Andrews Kindergarten, in AbbotsfordSydney who now have a groovy new tank fed sand and water play area, a see through perspex worm farm and A multi-purpose mound for running, climbing, rolling and sitting. 

The fenced apex of the mound can be utilized by children as private areas for the individual or group. The mound also doubles as makeshift seating for small group work. A set of hooks embedded in the wooden apex of the mound allows educators to change the rope ladder for two knotted climbing ropes,  a thick cargo rope, a section of cargo net, etc.

The large mound encompasses a tunnel that whilst giving the children the impression of being a secret , private space is still easily supervisedA perspex panel built into the apex deck allows light and communication between those children outside the tunnel and those within.

Tess Michaels