Photos of one of the more recently constructed centres

07/04/2013 3:03
Kids Cottage, Hunters HillSydney, New South Wales

 Construction: Asset Landscapes

Kids Cottage, Hunters Hills (KCHH) is the second long daycare centre for Con and Mary Kakakios, following on to the hugely successful Kids Cottage, Gladesville.  KCHH is a two level, purpose built LDC positioned in a residential area of Hunters Hill. Because of its location a successful Appeal to the Land and Environment court provided an approval for the centre to be built, with conditions on the construction of the playspaces. 
The Infants area is on the upper level, easily accessible from the front entry level and carpark. The playspace contains a sand-play area built within a raised deck and a stepping-stone walk way leading to infants sized seating. The playspace is constructed to provide shelter from the wind and heat whilst allowing the children to observe and experience their environment. The different levels and structures provide both a challenge and assistance to children learning to walk. Because of the conditions of the L&E approval, a primary design consideration was to contain and diffuse any noise emanating from the area.     

The main playspace is on the lower rear level and contains a dry creek bed (with bridge and water pump), a huge sand-play area, a slide mound, a shaded stage, balance beams, two highly utilised raised vegetable and herb garden beds and numerous naturally shaded small group spots. Various pathways of different materials link all components of the playspace. Again because of the conditions of the L&E approval, fences are of an  unusual height and design to contain and diffuse any noise emanating from the area.  

Tess Michaels