Newest Childrens Furniture

26/03/2014 1:01
We’ve just completed some more childrens’ furniture from recycled timber. This time he was lucky enough to collaborate with Olwyn Avery, the renowned and Tres, Mucho, talented artist, poet and jewellery maker. I’ve created a quick bio for Olwyn below, photos of the new furniture are underneath that.

As mentioned above Olwyn is a very talented artist, poet and jeweller. Her work has featured in a number of exhibitions. She is the proud mother of four beautiful children and she currently resides in Newcastle. She is the proprietor of White Footprint Designs. You can visit her Facebook page and see all work here or message her on Twitter here.  And I’d have to agree with her Twitter page, she is more than ‘a bit awesome’.

New Childrens’ Furniture 

Tess Michaels