“Nature Deficit Disorder” in Pakistan | NewsPakistan.PK

18/01/2012 21:21
I suppose it’s my ignorance but I had thought that in Afghanistan you couldn’t avoid nature. The desire to be like the West carries more than just opportunities. You blindly embrace the lifestyle you get the whole package.

Pakistan has been a victim of political and security crisis for a very long time, and ironically, they have apparently now adopted and evolved to these inevitable circumstances. Life continues seemingly uninterrupted one turmoil after another.

Just as in other parts of the world, the country (Afghanistan) has experienced the IT revolution. With hundreds of channels on TV and access to wireless high speed internet, parks and playgrounds which were once the hub of all activity are now abandoned and deserted. Urbanization in Pakistan is among the highest of ratios in Asiatic countries and the newly built sky scrapers and condos leave little space for the luxury that was once called a park. “Nature deficit disorder” if it may rightfully be coined as so, is more than inevitable”.
Tess Michaels