Max Michaels super cat

16/07/2014 3:03
Usually I will only post about nature, play and playspaces on this blog however this is an extra special occasion.

Our cat Max has been entered into the Whiskas Big Cat Competition and is using that huge personality of his to work his way up from the bottom. So far he’s been excluded because someone reported him for? No explanation given, Reinstated, with no explanation given. Pretty good for a one-eyed cat !!! (whose photo is not even Photoshopped?– OK we’re not going to mention that, nor the fact that some entries have obviously bought votes, yep, won’t mention that either). Thank you to those 29 people that have voted for him already and the 7 marvelous people who shared his endeavors on their profile so other cat lovers (or even social cat lovers) could vote for him.  Max says if he wins then the money will go to the Cat Protection Society, based in Enmore, Sydney….. Please vote for him and share it in your profiles. You can also see more of Max here or read his bio below.

Max Michaels is 63% Big Cat!

Please click the link above to vote for Max Michaels to help us win one of five $5000 prizes from WHISKAS

About Max Michaels

Max arrived out of nowhere on my birthday. He was obviously a scavenger and a survivor. His body was criss-crossed with scars and wounds and his tail was black with dried blood and he smelt like a garbage bin. His left eye was watering and he was obviously starving. Although we already owned a cat there was no way we could take him to a cat shelter as they would put him down. A visit to the cat ophthalmologist, An operation to remove his crushed eye, multiple visits to the vet and he is now a loving, affectionate, one eyed wonder who is known and loved throughout the neighbourhood.

Gallery of Max

Tess Michaels