Learning for Life: Creating quiet spaces.

18/06/2016 9:09
Learning for Life: Creating quiet spaces.

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It is really lovely to read a piece where an experienced educator observes the purpose and effect that quiet areas have within a playground. The idea that all children want to engage in active activity all the time is often touted by to me by people who haven’t actually spent time with children and are unaware of childrens developmental needs.

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” In a noisy and busy playground I think it is very important to provide areas within the space where children can retreat to when they need to be quieter or more reflective. Sometimes the children will create their own spaces within areas too – we have a pallet den at the back of the slide and some days it is used as space to just sit and read books whilst on other days it is a busy hub of climbing children. Our willow dens have really bloomed in the last few dry weeks and the children are enjoying going into them to have conversations and be away from the business of the wider playground. It is lovely to hear snatches of conversation from within them or singing etc. as two or three children gather inside them.
Tess Michaels