How Meditating Helps with Multitasking | MindShift

27/10/2011 22:22
How Meditating Helps with Multitasking | MindShift

I for one wish my parents were into alternate living when I was growing up, what my grandfather used to call “long haired hippy types”.

I practise meditation because it provides an oasis and clarity from the “absolute immediacy” that our society has become. If it is this stressful for an adult imagine the effect on a mind/personality that is developing.

In an era when distraction, diversion, and data (not information) overload are unavoidable, even touted as something everyone needs, I have to agree with Levy’s assessment. “Teach the tools that will teach kids to focus, avoid distraction, and judge what to pay attention to as they’re exposed to a slew of diversions.”

Tess Michaels