Help find a home for WINKI.

11/07/2013 7:07
This is not a post about natural play or playspaces. This about getting a home for a beautiful one eyed cat.

Introducing WINKI read more here. I tried sharing this on FB but couldn’t even get one person to share it. You’d think I was asking them for their first born. So I thought I would attempt to start a Winkalypse using my blog page instead.

Winki needs a home !!!!! She’s a doll and has been with the CPS for 6 months (including the time she was recovering from her surgery). We have Max who only has one eye. He gets around outside, has perfect balance and depth perception. We just adopted another cat (which makes me one away from Mad Cat Lady status) otherwise we would take her in a heart beat. One-eyed cats, or cats who are “differently-abled” from a young age, adjust very quickly as long as they have a loving forever parent. Please share to everyone in your online network, You don’t even have to be in Sydney or Australia to share the info.wherever you are  we’re all interconnected on the big old Interweb.

Tess Michaels