Exploring nature and natural concepts

20/06/2014 5:05
I was at a consult today and was asked by an educator about introducing and extending natural concepts in and out of the classroom. There is a wealth of information about how to introduce nature to preschool and school age children to be found on the internet. Specifically I find a lot on social networking sites like Pinterest. Green Grubs Garden Club

is New Zealand based page that has heaps of resources, specifically items created by educators that can be purchased at their store on Teachers pay Teachers and additional pages and links that they curate.

Later in the day I came across another Sydney based business Gecko Toys that blew me away with its range of natural resources for indoors and outdoors. I love their range of Gnomes/Forest people,

Fairy Houses and also their extensive range of accessories

and Anamalz. I was considering buying the Either the Australian Animals or Dino pack series to decorate the dashboard of the car.

 I am also happy to see that they distribute the TWIGZ range of childrens gardening gear. Aside from the specifically child sized Montessori Services range they are some of the more robust and evenly priced tools I have come across in my travels.

So, a few ideas there that can, if utilised properly, be extended into a complete nature philosophy      

Tess Michaels