telford kirchhoff sustainable design philosophy

Imagine if you could reduce the negative impacts of waste on the environment, public health, and water quality just by turning your lamp upside down. By using a chipped toilet as a planter. By turning the drawers from a broken dresser into elegant bookshelves. By using someone else’s leftover paint to breathe new life into someone else’s table, and then using that table as the centrepiece of your space.

You might want one gorgeous, characterful, thoughtfully designed sustainable piece, or maybe you want your entire interior to be crafted from rescued materials, or perhaps some mix of new and reclaimed items is perfect for you.

Thousands of tonnes of hard rubbish is thrown away every year in Sydney, and thousands more in each of the councils surrounding Sydney. A lot of it looks like complete rubbish to one person and an undiscovered treasure to someone else. We’re those someone elses.

We take hard rubbish, and add tools and skills and desire and passion, and the result is beautiful, clean, thoughtful design that makes you – and the planet – feel good.

Tess Michaels