Sydney too must go up to go green

20/09/2011 22:22
Sydney too must go up to go green

”Cities are much better for the environment than leafy living,” Glaeser says. ”Residing in a forest might seem to be a good way of showing one’s love of nature, but living in a concrete jungle is actually far more ecologically friendly.
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”We humans are a destructive species, even when … we’re not trying to be. We burn forests and oil and inevitably hurt the landscape that surrounds us. If you love nature, stay away from it.”

OK hands up all of you who’ve been burning forests again? Colour me silly Batman but did logic just do a headstand?  A park or a naturalistic playspace is preferable in an urban environment but it is not nature in its unadulterated form. Nature cannot be posed, preformed or encapsulated in a metropolis only copied.
It is mean’t to be random, surprising, beautiful and dangerous. Keep packing them in like sardines  and the deficit becomes total disconnection. The more I read of the article the more I think, “hired gun for developers”…but that’s just a first blush impression, I hope I’m totally wrong? 

Tess Michaels